About Project

Drop.me is a free file sharing website. The project supplies you with fast and easy way to share your content making it available to people all over the world. We assign especial importance to the procedure of sharing files, making it as fast as sound. You have no need to pass a long and often unlucky multi-step process in attempts to share an important document or image with your fellows or collaborators promptly.

We pay your attention that all uploaded content is scanned by McAffee Anti-virus System, so you can download it with no troubles.

Sharing In One Click

Our website constructors implemented modern and easy "drag-and-drop" upload system. If you want to share the file, all you need is to choose and upload the document with dropping it into the target in the central or the top-right part of your screen. The second step of a process is just to share the automatically generated link with the intended person or audience.

That's it? Yeah, baby! No registration, no payments, no unnecessary steps wasting your time. Our file sharing service is free for you, so you can use it whenever you need. All we want from you is to follow our rules.

Upload Limits

This service supplies you with opportunity of sharing all types of web content. You can upload text-documents, images, mp3-files, photo, video or archives, whatever it is. Supported formats and the size of uploaded documents are not limited. Remember, if you want to upload and share two or more files you have to run the procedure with each file singly, one by one.

We notice that we have no response for the uploaded content. We supply a free one-click sharing service, not hosting, so here is no moderation, but in contrast with other services we do not establish any limits on the period of keeping the files available.

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The terms of use for the service. By using the service drop.me, you agree to the terms of use described below. Use of the service without agreement is prohibited.

The user is not allowed to use the service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

The user must not use the service for spreading information which violates the international laws or laws of any country.

The service takes no responsibility for the content of the files downloaded thereon and also does not moderate it manually. The service immediately deletes files when legitimate complaints are received from a third party.

The administration reserves the right to delete any file from the service as it sees fit.

The administration is not responsible for the content uploaded and sent by using the service.